I am currently on parental leave from October 2018 through August 2019.


I am a historian of early modern Spain with a focus on conversion, Moriscos, and the social and legal histories of sixteenth-century Castile.

I recently completed a Postdoctoral Fellowship (2016-2018) with the Early Modern Conversions project at McGill University in Montréal, Canada. In September 2019 I will join Oxford University’s Exeter College as the Sir John Elliott Junior Research Fellow in Spanish History (1400-1900).

I earned my PhD in History (2016) at the University of Toronto. My doctoral thesis, “The Morisco Problem and the politics of belonging in sixteenth-century Valladolid” was supervised by Dr. Mark Meyerson with committee members Dr. E. Natalie Rothman and Dr. Kenneth Mills. I have an M.A. in History from the University of Toronto and a B.A. in History and English from the University of New Brunswick. 

My research interests include religious conversion and colonial encounters in the early modern Spanish world. I study of ideas of difference and belonging in early modern Castile through an analysis of the transformations in political, juridical, and communal identities that formed part of the processes of religious conversion. Building on this work, my postdoctoral research investigates concepts of purity, race, and nation in reference to the forcibly converted Moriscos in the early modern Spanish Empire. 

I also love fast music and strong coffee. You can find me among friends on TwitterZoteroHumanities Commons, and Women Also Know History.

E-mail: stephanie.m.cavanaugh[at]gmail.com


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