Iberian History at Oxford

If you are interested in the histories of Spain, Portugal, and the wider Iberian world, check out what’s happening in Iberian History at Oxford. You can find information about our group and many events on our website, iberianhistory.web.ox.ac.uk

I am fortunate to co-convene the Iberian History Seminar with my friends and colleagues Giuseppe Marcocci, Glyn Redworth, and Cecilia Tarruell. A wonderful community of scholars and students — both local and visiting — meet regularly at our seminar, as well as in a lively reading group, palaeography group, and for other special events.

Keep an eye on our website for forthcoming videos of recent seminar talks. Make sure to follow us on Twitter @IberiaHistoryOx !

One thought on “Iberian History at Oxford

  1. John Cardoso

    Hey Stephanie, A million thanks for your email. Followed some links. Heartwarming to see your doctoral smile amidst scholars. Very proud papa. Love you Steph – your papa-

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